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Sourcing a good read, finding a reading nook and burrowing into it’s pages as I wrapped myself in the story was often my favourite part of the school holidays back when I was a kid. My mother knew that the provision of a stack of books at the start of the holidays would keep me busy and she always made sure to whisk me off to the library in the few days of our break.

With my eldest child heading into his tween years, his literary diet is changing quite dramatically. He’s all about the ‘series’ these days and hunts for books where the story continues into the next release – almost never ending in some instances. These series have become his prized possession, proudly displayed in numerical order on his book shelf. I’m super proud that he loves reading like me!

If you too have a tween you are going to love the school holiday book list we’ve pulled together. We have a bunch of stand alone novels and the first book in a number of series. They cover a range of genres and interest areas. At least one will be the book for your tween this break! Which series would you recommend?

KidStyleFile Loves Books : Tween Fiction - Novels and Series for Their School Holiday Reading List

  1. Nimona Noelle Stevenson $27.99 $19.75
  2. Raymie Nightingale Kate DiCamillo $19.99 $16.75
  3. The Other Side of Summer Emily Gale $16.99 $13.50
  4. Anastasia Krupnik (Anastasia Krupnik series – Book 1) Lois Lowry $14.99 $12.75
  5. Olive of Groves (Book 1 of series) Katrina Nannestad $19.99 $16.75
  6. The Tail of Emily Windsnap (Emily Windsnap series – Book 1) Liz Kessler $11.99 $8.75
  7. The Family with Two Front Doors Anna Ciddor $14.99 $12.75
  8. Friday Barnes Girl Detective (Friday Barnes Series – Book 1) R.A. Spratt $15.99 $12.80
  9. The Iron Trial (The Magisterium Series – Book 1) Cassandra Clare $19.99 $15.75
  10. The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (Tom Gates series -Book 1) Liz Pichon $16.99 $14.25
  11. The Truth about Verity Sparks (Verity Sparks Series – Book 1) Susan Green $16.99 $14.25
  12. The One and Only Ivan Katherine Applegate $15.99 $11.95
  13. Con-Nerd Oliver Phommavanh $16.95 $14.25
  14. Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures Kate DiCamillo $19.99 $16.75
  15. Look into My Eyes (The Ruby Redford Series – Book 1) Lauren Child $14.99 $12.50
  16. The War That Saved My Life Kimberly Brusker Bradley $16.99 $14.25
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