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I have a five year old in the house and the anticipation of losing the first tooth is building. Kindy friends have been losing teeth left right and center and so a frequent topic of conversation are all things tooth fairy – when will she come, what does she do with the teeth, what should we put the tooth in so it doesn’t get lost and most importantly what (ie how much) will she leave in remuneration! Its is such a precious time where the belief in the tooth fairy (or any kind of fairy) is full of wonder and excitement, and if like me you would like to make the event memorable then take a look at the ideas below – including the list of plausible reasons as to why ‘she’ forgot to come!


Tooth Fairy Solutions


  1. Seven Reasons the Tooth Fairy Forgot to Come via Busy Mommy Media
  2. Gold Coin Tooth Fairy Free Printable via Hello Wonderful
  3. The Official Tooth Fairy Kit $17.95 via Urban Baby
  4. Tooth Fairy Box $21.95 via CinderberryStudio on Etsy
  5. Free Tooth Fairy Receipt Template via A Typical English Home
  6. Toothy the Tooth Fairy Plushie Printed Fabric via Spoonflower
  7. Tooth Fairy Kit $35.95 via MadeByNiss on Etsy
  8. Tooth Fairy Bags via Purl Soho
  9. Ragtales Tooth Fairy $24.95 via Entropy Toys

Header Image: Tooth Fairy Pdf Letter Set via CinderberryStudio on Etsy


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