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This week we are excited to share with you a brilliant new no screws furniture range from Ekokids. We spoke with mum of two and designer Cristina Pell about the inspiration behind this kids furniture with a difference.


Cristina Pell


What is Ekokids Spaced In about?

Ekokids Spaced In is bold, edgy, easy, durable, no screws kids furniture!

Life just became much easier and cooler with this furniture, not only because MUM can fit it in 5 steps and in 5 mn, but also it’s interactive and promotes imaginative play. A desk for serious homework, a wipeable table for craft, a secret hideout for the most adventurous super hero or just even a quiet reading corner, for super star kid to chill after have had conquered the day.

Not only is ergonomic but so easy to assemble, no screws and no frustration. Outspoken design to attract children and resilience that comforts parents. More serious fun!



The Creatures Table and Stool – A functional desk or a place to chill!


How did you get started?
It originated from my other business Ekokids Australia, where I was creating small products for decor and wall art for children’s room. I love working with plywood, it’s so versatile! Lots of fun in making different and quirky products. Over time, I was brewing a new ideas for larger products and thinking about being more on the designing side than making.



Ekokids wall art and decor (available here).


What was your inspiration to start your own business and in this field?

I started to look at kids furniture and realised how dreadful the task can be to assemble it. Mums have to ask hubby or the partner and ends up sitting in a corner for weeks.

Got me thinking (I have background in Industrial design)What if I could find a solution to streamline the process? What if I created cool ergonomic furniture, that is resilient and has no screws? Furniture that will empower Mums to do it herself frustration free?

So did a bit of research and came across the Viking joinery. Loved it! So, did lots of drawings to create furniture that was appealing to children and easy for parents. When I reached the final drawing and prototype I asked the most honest critical beings- Children! The feedback was impressive. I have now two different designs and another product is already brewing.



Viking joinery in action


What keeps you motivated?

Creating for children, I have two girls, a tomboy (8y) and a girly one (5y) opposite spectrums! Great for finding a way to provide unusual functional products for them. And lot’s of fun too. I love creating new designs, there’s so much room to let loose your imagination when comes to creating for children.




What are the design trends you are seeing emerge for 2017?

I think Eclectic with a Modern flair. A Modern style clean lines merged the Eclectic warmth. Innovation and variety with quality. Whether is handmade or machine made. Design always has been present, but more so now. Also, I have seen really creative stuff with 3D printing interacting with your every day material like wood. I guess people are wanting and looking for diversified and durable options. We can really see an increase in the market specially in children’s interiors. The nice clean aesthetic look warmed up by materials and colour.



The Bear Stool



What is your favorite room in your home?

My favourite place? I would say the lounge room. It’ s an open place with big sliding doors facing north. I love looking out onto the bush and see the deck where we have a tree coming through it, she provides a gorgeous shade in summer. It’s a gorgeous, quiet spot.

What are your plans for you / your business in 2017?

Keep creating, designing, love doing it. I’m planning to design a full range of furniture for kids. I eventually would love to see retailers selling Spaced In all over Australia, that would be awesome.
Would love to do some “collabs” too, the result can be very exciting when you join creatives forces.

Ekokids Spaced In furniture is available from their website. Make sure you subscribe to be in the loop for sales and new products.

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