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The last few days have been absolutely blissful here in Sydney with the sun shining bright and the sky almost free of clouds. You could easily think it was summer….until you dip your toes into the surf.

With summer on the horizon I sorted through the kids wardrobe this week to discover that the kids swimwear is threadbare (I thought only chlorine did that…not saltwater!) and need replacing so I started searching online only to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. I can only imagine that you will face the same dilemma.

To make swimwear sourcing easy for you this year, I have gathered together a dozen labels that have a healthy range of options ready for you to snap up. Which will you buy?

KidStyleFile Roundup : Summer Swimwear

  1. Sandy Feet Australia
  2. Heavenlee Swimwear
  3. Beach and Bandits Australia
  4. Munster Kids Swimwear
  5. Bella & Lace
  6. Rock Your Baby
  7. Minti
  8. Noon Shadow
  9. Baku Swimwear 
  10. Funkita Kids Swimwear
  11. Paper Wings
  12. Babes in the Shade

Main image: Beach and Bandits Australia


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