Best of Etsy Kids: Animal Magic – October 2016
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Animals are much loved by boys and girls alike so this month we have collected a bunch of goodies that include a love of all things fur, feather and fin! The width and breadth of the internet is so huge that it is sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking for, thankfully there is Etsy – and our monthly Best of Esty Kids posts to help guide you on your way.

There is nowhere else quite like it with a community of super creative designers and makers from around the world just one click away. It’s a great place to find something a little different or pick up some early pressies for the end of year festivities.

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Best of Etsy Kids: Animal Magic - October 2016

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1. DIY Penguin paper $10.78 from Furzechan
2. Winged horse $36.00 from benconservato
3. Cotton tiger $45.83 by VintagebyCrystal
4. Black bear mask $10.78 from kissmego
5. Purrrrrr print $40.44 from blancucha
6. The Black Bear brooch $31.00 from adatine
7. Kitty cat moveable paper doll $10.78 from JordonGraceOwens
8. The pink piggy $53.92 by adatine
9. Dress up masks $15.00 from DoopsDesigns
10. Wearable lion mane $24.26 from cheersnco

Header Image: Arctic animal wooden block puzzle $22.00 from RedFoxInk


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