Spooky Cupcakes To Make For Halloween
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Do you celebrate Halloween with the kids?

Halloween is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia even if it is a relatively low key event compared to the USA. In the past I have resisted active participation! But now with a five year old in the house it is getting hard. She is excited and looking forward to spending time with her friends on Sunday afternoon at a spooky tea party we have been invited to and to be honest I have found myself enjoying planning what to make to bring along. Spending time with friends, yummy food and some (not too) scary fun – what is not to like?

Here are some of the spooky cupcakes I found while deciding what to make. I think I’m going to go with the monster strawberry one because you know… fruit. Ha ha who am I kidding!


Spooky Cupcakes To Make For Halloween

Left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Monster strawberry cupcakes via Yummy Crumble
  2. Halloween ghosts via Everyday Southwest
  3. Low fat chocolate mummy cupcakes via Skinny Taste
  4. Witch’s legs cupcakes via Punchbowl
  5. Frankenstein cupcakes via Your Cup of Tea
  6. Halloween spider via Damn Delicious
  7. Halloween spider web cakes via Land Lakes
  8. Dirt cupcakes via Like Mother Like Daughter

Header image and tile from front page: Easy monster cupcakes via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom



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