Gorgeous wall clocks for your nursery or kids room from Purely Wall Clocks
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It must be said that my husband and I are clock people, with a clock to be found in most rooms of the house. Clocks are not just functional time pieces to keep you punctual – they can complement decor, or become a center piece of a space themselves.

Whether you just love clocks, need some room revamping or are forever running late and need some help then Purely Wall Clocks is for you. An Australian store, Purely Wall Clocks specialise in clocks with over 300 unique designs for all the rooms in your home.

Their range includes lots of bright colourful clocks which are ideal for decorating kids rooms as well as beautiful time pieces with soft wooden finishes perfect for a Scandi inspired nursery or room.


 Purely Wall Clocks - Scandi

Calm Wall Clock Grey $99 | Stor Flip Mantel Clock $249 | Hus Wood Mantel Clock $69


For the playroom there are some great colourful clocks that will really pop with what ever colour your kids have convinced you to paint their walls! They are also relatively inexpensive to replace when your child outgrows their room and is in need of an update (like when a bright pink and purple room is no longer cool).


Purely Wall Clocks - Bright

Rainbow Multi Coloured Wall Clock $99 | Leni Rainbow Glass Wall Clock Purple $39 | Dots Dome Wall Clock White $49


Having an analogue wall clock in your child’s room is an excellent way to help them learn to tell the time. Reading an analogue clock can be tricky to start out with so having a clock in their room will give them a chance to practise and it can be a fun activity to help them with. Remember – big clear numbers and hands at this stage are really helpful.


Purely Wall Clocks - Big Numbers

Station Kensington Black Wall Clock $149 |  White Perpetual Clock $349 | Leni Navy Wooden Wall Clock $59


Alarm clocks are a great way to teach kids the difference between sleep time and awake time. As they grow older you can teach them that unless they hear the alarm, it’s still sleep time. And when they are teenagers an alarm clock will come in handy to get them out the door to school!

Purely Wall Clocks - Alarm Clocks

Forme White Resin Wood Alarm Clock $59 | Geo Red Retro Alarm Clock $39 | Dulton Alarm Clock Light Blue $49

Purely Wall Clocks offer a flat rate for shipping of just $10 for any order to anywhere in Australia.


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