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This time of year is the season of giving – giving gifts and giving thanks to your friends and loved ones. A well thought out gift that is unique and creative often have the biggest bang on Christmas day. Etsy is your friend at this time of year as it is literally a chest full of treasures ready to be discovered.

We have a few picks this month to get you started, but as always check out our archives for more inspiration and ideas.

Best of Etsy Kids: Gift Giving - November 2016

1. Baby linen top and bloomers $72 moonroomkids
2. Merry Christmas hanging $22.00 from LittleBirdyFinds
3. Custom illustration $125 from LittlePaperClouds
4. Blue handmade bear $51.74 from OlchussToys
5. Curvy Board $177.02 from openendedcreations
6. Customised Christmas stocking $57.00 from BHcrafts
7. Little hand necklace $58.50 from hirnundherz
8. Giant height chart $125 from woodwoodwoodwoodetsy


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