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Books always top my Christmas list (both for receiving and giving). My own daughter has inherited a love of books too which was not by chance as she has been surrounded by them since she was a wee bub. As technology takes over and more of us turn to reading books on devices (although I must say I still much prefer turning the pages of a ‘real’ book), the realm of childrens books thankfully still resides in the printed article. Childrens books are not just stories but visual and tactile objects to be enjoyed. From fabric baby books, to touch and feel to pop up and beyond, these are books to spend time with, pore over, carry around and love!

Today we thought we would share a few gorgeous children’s books from Phaidon with you that are perfect for Christmas (or anytime) gifting. Phaidon is a publisher who works exclusively with the worlds most influential artists and thinkers to produce stunning  books on art, photography and design as well as beautifully illustrated books for kids.




Hug this Book  (by Barney Saltzberg, illustralted by Fred Benaglia) $24.95, is a book for 2- 5 year olds that celebrates the printed book and the special relationship young readers have to their favourites. A string of characters share a well loved book, taking it to lunch, dancing with it and even wrapping it in a sweater. Perfect for reading out loud and sure to be a bedtime favourite!





Cook in a Book : Pancakes! (by Lotta Nieminen) $19.95 is the first title in a series of interactive recipe books that invites preschool aged children to cook inside the book via paper engineered novelty features – pulling a tab to pour flour, turning a wheel to stir and even popping the pancake out of the book to flip it over in the pan. Written and illustrated by a illustrator and graphic designer from Finland both children and adults will admire the stylish graphics and vivid block colours and the tabs and wheels are study enough to cope with the littlest of fingers. Cooking pancakes has never been so satisfying or so clean – although by following the recipe and method you and the kids can cook outside the book too!




Undercover (by Bastien Contraire) $29.95 is a stylish take on the find the odd one out. This 64 page picture book is packed with familiar objects all depicted in duotone pantone colours and graphic stencil artwork. In each group there is one that doesn’t fit although some look so deceitfully similar, making the task surprisingly tricky! A book for 3-6 years olds (although adults and older children will take pleasure in its pages too) this wordless book will their strengthen visual and categorisation skills and introduce them to the art of disguise.





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