My Travel Tot

mytraveltotlogoFoldable travel quilts for babies and kids on the move!

Use as a baby play mat, a quilt, a travel pillow or a carry bag. This unique and versatile item is perfect for pram rides, picnics, car rides and plane trips with little ones. Created and made by a Melbourne mum.

When folded as a bag it is compact enough to fit in the car seat bag pocket and at only 500gms it is super lightweight to bring on family travels. Once your baby becomes a toddler they can then carry their very own bag around with them. There is even a pocket to store their favourite items.

MyTravelTot foldable quilts are loved by babies, children, and mothers for it’s softness, quality, versatility, and fun stylish prints. Each item is created with care and detail in Melbourne, Australia. Use with your baby through to the kinder years and beyond.


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