KidStyleFile Talks to Victoria of Frog Orange Baby Carriers
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Hi Everyone – today we talk to Victoria of Frog Orange, creators of the most amazing baby carriers that you can use in the water!


Hi Victoria, Please tell us about Frog Orange

Our tagline is Water. Baby. Lifestyle. The Frog Orange brand stands for everything that I’m passionate about – fun, family, lifestyle and of course, the water. We’re all about creating great products that look fabulous and enable families to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with their children.

The Frog Orange baby carrier is the first ever structured baby carrier designed in Australia for use in water. Made from vibrant wetsuit material that’s happy and warm in the wet and perfect for that day at the beach, pool or even for some good old – fashioned sprinkler fun!


KidStyleFile Talks to Victoria of Frog Orange Baby Carriers


And how about yourself – how did this all come about? 

I am a Melbourne based mother of three. I have a degree in Sports Science and used to work in sports management for events such as the Grand Prix, Commonwealth Games and European soccer. I love the water and have spent years swimming in pools and beaches across the world. I’m the Mum with a mini mal surf board who loves the outdoor lifestyle!


KidStyleFile Talks to Victoria of Frog Orange Baby Carriers


What was your inspiration and how did you get started

My husband, Adam, was nervous about taking our first baby in the water and wanted to use a carrier, he preferred the click of a buckle rather than tying wrap. My mother was a dressmaker and taught me my pattern making skills.

I spent six months preparing a prototype for production and a further two and half years working with our manufacturer in Thailand. It took ten prototypes and two trips to the factory to finish with a brilliant looking carrier that is safety tested to European Standards CEN/TR 16512 (2015) and can be produced in large quantities.

Our manufacturer in Thailand is German owned and specializes in deep sea survival suits, so we knew we’d found the right production partner for our baby carrier where safety is paramount.

We’ve since had two more children, so using the Frog Orange for our baby is the only way I can take them all to the pool safely by myself.


KidStyleFile Talks to Victoria of Frog Orange Baby Carriers


Have you had any challenges along the way?

I had a clear vision about what I wanted the carrier to look like, but it was a challenge to bring this to life and comply with safety requirements at the same time. That said, we’re really happy with the final product. It’s a beautiful balance between design and safety and we love the bright colours. I love the neoprene we use – it’s soft, stretchy, super strong and looks fantastic!

How did you design the Frog Orange?

In the early stages of development, I worked with a baby-wearing consultant in Melbourne who provided some great advice on ergonomic sitting positions.

Our carrier maintains that all-important “M” position of baby’s legs recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This is where your baby’s bottom is positioned central in the carrier, is lower than their knees and their hips are spread open. The overall design is intended to be super simple. It is semi-structured so all you have to do to secure it is click a buckle, no wrapping or tying.

We love the racer back feature which distributes the weight of your baby evenly across your back and makes it super comfortable. Our carriers are designed so you’re face-to-face with your baby to really connect and have fun with them and always monitor their face.

KidStyleFile Talks to Victoria of Frog Orange Baby Carriers


What is next for Frog Orange?

We’re focused on innovation and listening to people who love our carriers. We’re already designing Mark II and hope to continue to improve our design to make carriers and other water based accessories that our customers love.


Thank you to Victoria for talking to us today about bringing her dream to reality. You can see the more of Frog Orange here and don’t forget to enter our competition for you chance to win a Frog Orange baby carrier – you can enter here!



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