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Hmm, do we mean shoes that are different or kids that are different? How about both! At Chooze Shoes, we know that kids love to have a say in what they wear and express their individuality through colours and designs. That’s why we bring you more than just run of the mill shoes for kids. This is high quality footwear, deliberately (and tastefully) mismatched for children with big imaginations and bright ideas!

Creativity and confidence are two of the most important qualities we can foster in children. A boy who proudly shows off his mismatched shoes is taking the first steps on his own, unique life path! A girl who chooses her own bright, beautiful shoes with conviction is empowered to believe she’s in charge of her future. Nurture your child’s independence along with their natural fascination with colour and design by giving them the freedom to choose their shoes! With creativity and confidence, children can go forth to make incredible lives for themselves as well as positively impacting the world around them.                 Instagram @chooze_au

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