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The Easter school holidays are almost here bringing with them the excitement of a very special visit that will happen over the long weekend. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, there is no escaping the arrival of the beloved Easter bunny who seemed to hop into supermarkets everywhere at the start of the year and has stayed in anticipation of Easter Sunday.

In our house we have moved away from the chocolate Easter of my own childhood and gone back to basics with hand decorated and dyed boiled eggs that the entire family make together. We have egg cracking games and celebrate the holiday with a number of family dinners – it’s all about reconnecting in our house. However, the Easter bunny still knows our address and it’s only fitting that she visits some of our favourite boutiques to source a gift for the kids (and one that will save their teeth).

If you too like a little bunny flavour at your place over Easter that isn’t just chocolate, you are going to love today’s roundup. From stylish fashion finds to toys, milestone stickers to travel goods, we have hopped around and gathered up a plethora of options for you this year!

KidStyleFile Roundup : All Things Bunny

  1. SkipHop Bunny Toddler Back Pack available at David Jones (in store) $34.95
  2. My First Holiday Belly Sticker Set The Storknest $9.95
  3. Oobi Bun Bun collection from $19.95
  4. Top – Frill (Indigo Marle + Grey Marle) eeni meeni miini moh $44.95
  5. W17 Funny Bunny Pocket Hood MNT228 My Messy Room $65.00
  6. Hux Bunny Swirl Dress Huxbaby $49.95
  7. Seedling Create Your Own Bunny Mask Lime Tree Kids $26.95
  8. Maisie Bunny Print Bespoke Moments from $19.95
  9. Miffy XL Lamp Baby Donkie $399.95
  10. Minti AW17 Bunnies and Carrots Midtown Dress Buckets & Spades $59.95
  11. Bunny Bandit Sweater Hootkid $46.95
  12. Littlehorn Bunny Love Dress Shop for Tots $59.95
  13. Smafolk l/s tee – Rabbit – Blush Baby Goes Retro $39.95
  14. Alex & Ant Rabbit Ears Romper Jack & Willow $47.90
  15. Alimrose – Super Hero Bunny Lime Tree Kids $52.95
  16. Milk & Masuki Crew Neck Jumper -Rabbit Rockstar $49.95
  17. Bunny PJs Seed Heritage $39.95
  18. Felt Bunny Cap Seed Heritage $34.95
  19. Bandit Bunny Dress Me Up Cotton On Kids $19.95 $10.00
  20. Meri Meri Bunny Dress Up Kit My Messy Room $29.50
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