KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments
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Hi Everyone – today we talk to Jess of Bespoke Moments and have a very special 20% Off discount code for our readers!

It’s not easy decorating a child’s room. Sounds and looks easy however if you actually want to add something a little bit special it can be harder than it looks. It’s not always cheap either – I mean we all love our children but I’m not buying them a Picasso…

So what is the solution? Well when you find something beautiful that your children love you can finally rejoice. Jess from Bespoke Moments is a mum who thought the same and instead of waiting for the solution to appear she became it herself. Here is her wonderful story.

Hi Jess, please tells us about Bespoke Moments,
Bespoke Moments is all about beautiful prints, quality stationery and gorgeous branding. Prints make up the core of my business and I love helping parents source affordable art that transforms their rooms into gorgeous spaces, or providing people with fabulous gift options.

KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments
In terms of stationery and invitations, I love creating visually captivating pieces that people are proud to present to their loved ones. For businesses I also really enjoy the logo design process and helping businesses present themselves to the market with a stunning logo and well-designed accompaniments to help their business soar.

KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments


What was your inspiration and how did you get started?
I started Bespoke Moments when my daughter was four months old. I created a birth print for my niece and my daughter. From their friends and family requested them as gifts and I thought I could make this into a business.

I was previously working in marketing and content management within the music industry. I had my dream role, but once I got the business going it continued to grow and I fell in love with having my own business. I will never go back to the corporate world. I love the flexibility and rewards that come with working for yourself.


KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments


Tells us more about your materials and products?
I work with some fabulous partners to ensure that my products are beautiful and of superior quality. Eco and social responsibility is also important to me. As an example, I use great quality cardstock for my prints that is Forest Stewardship Council certified as responsibly sourced. I use a commercial printing partner to ensure that print quality is second to none, so that prints remain vibrant for years to come.


KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments


I also collaborate with some beautiful illustrators. It is important to me to support other small, family run businesses. The frames I use for example are made in Sydney by a father of five so I know the quality is remarkable in comparison to cheap overseas frames, but also we are supporting his small business.


KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments


What do you do other than prints?
We also create beautiful event stationery for birthdays, weddings and other events, as well as helping business with their branding. We love creating business branding like logo design and business stationery.


KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments


What are the design trends you are seeing emerge for 2017?

Locally, I am seeing some trends towards Australiana which is exciting and different. I think pastel for girls and monochrome for boys are still enjoying huge success because they just look so good. There are so many amazing Australian small businesses that are creating products that just work so well together.


KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments


What is your favorite piece at the moment?
I am really loving the pretty bunny and pretty fox print. They have beautiful pastels and work well on their own, as a pair, or teamed with most of my other designs. I tend to use lots of complementary colour palettes so clients can mix and match prints to their tastes.


KidStyleFile talks to Jess from Bespoke Moments


What has been your proudest achievement to date?
I have been featured in various blogs, magazines, TV spots and have won and been nominated for various awards over the last five years which is really exciting. However, ultimately for me the thing I am most proud of is that I have taken this business from something so small to something that is supporting my family and allowing me to be at home while the kids are little.

It nourishes me creatively and inspires me. I love working on my business and with my customers and I think that is something to be proud of!

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