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My kids have been very secretive over the last week, rushing to their rooms and making a lot of racket as they go about obviously hiding something in their cupboard. With the Mother’s Day stall running over the last few days, I imagine they’ve been buying up big, using their pocket money to source the perfect gift for me to go along with the delights they’ve made in class. I always cherish these items.

Along with the Mother’s Day stall items and breakfast in bed, I also love unwrapping the gift the kids source with my husband as they go about spoiling me to bits. The laughter and cuddles that I am inundated with every year makes me glow particularly well on this sweet day every year.

Now I know not everyone is great at sourcing gifts for the special women in their life. Some years everyone gets it wrong and they become family stories. One year I received a beautifully packaged bottle of moisturiser made from sheep placenta! The whole family giggles at this now. The next year I printed off and stuck on of our old KidStyleFile gift guides on the fridge to give some helpful prompts (you can try this too). We’ve created a not the one for you this year so you and everyone else will have plenty of ideas.

Have a happy Mother’s Day!

KidStyleFile Roundup : Mother's Day Gift Wish List

  1. Infinity Bracelet Tiffany & Co. $330.00
  2. Dindi hand cream – honey lemon Biome $29.95
  3. The Good Girl Stripped Bare Tracey Spicer Booktopia $22.50
  4. Glasshouse Triple Scented Candle Tahaa David Jones $42.95
  5. Oroton Getty Travel Wallet David Jones $345.00
  6. TRISTAN throw in yellow Freedom $49.95
  7. Dish – Super Mum Annabel Trends $15.95
  8. Kitchen Garden Companion – Cooking Stephanie Alexander Booktopia $38.50
  9. Contrast pom pom Snood Seed Heritage $59.95
  10. Gold and Pearl Ear Wire Hard to Find $75.00
  11. Perforated Clutch Seed Heritage $39.95
  12. BONDS Sleep Pants $19.95
  13. Little Canvas Pouch Hard to Find $32.00
  14. BANBURY Leopard Bath Robe Zanui $39.95
  15. Mama Disrupt Autumn 2017 Edition UrbanBaby $14.95

Main Image: David Jones Mother’s Day Catalogue


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