KidStyleFile Roundup : Turning Japanese – Kawaii Style Finds
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Over the Easter holidays, my family and I travelled to Japan for the very first time. It was an incredible experience which saw the four of us weaving through Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and then back to Tokyo Bay over 14 days. It was everything we expected and so much more. Already the kids are planning our next trip and begging for us to relocate there.

On our adventures, we couldn’t help but notice some of the gorgeous kawaii style finds in fashion and toys. We visited Kiddyland which totally blew our mind (floors of amazing toys and collectables). Whilst we restrained from buying everything we saw, we weren’t immune and found the kids couldn’t resist a few little things that have found there way back home with us.

So, inspired by our amazing trip (you can read about much of our adventures on Kid Bucket List) we have rounded up a bunch of Japanese goodness to give you a small taste of the land of the rising sun and perhaps encourage you to visit sooner than later. You’ll find Japan’s answer to Barbie – Licca-chan; the addictive Squishies that you will want to keep……squishing; and, the adorable Blythe Dolls which you may just need to remortgage the house to buy.

KidStyleFile Roundup : Turning Japanese - Kawaii Style Finds

  1. Sonny Angels Lime Tree Kids from $16.95
  2. Monchhichi Doll – Boy Red Bib Shorties $39.00 
  3. Oishi-m
  4. KOOV Sony Global Education
  5. Kokeshi (traditional Japanese wooden doll)
  6. Squishies Fish Pond
  7. Licca-chan Amazon from $29.00US
  8. Owa Yurika
  9. Blythe Doll
  10. Kukkia Leo & Bella


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