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Bright Star Kids is world famous for making the cutest, yet longest lasting name labels, perfect for all your kids belongings. Our name labels can be used on all your baby or older child’s belongings, ideal for daycare or school. In fact, we have school labels and iron on labels that can be used on almost all of your child’s school belongings, such as shoes, clothing, pencils and lunch boxes.

Our popular school supplies extends to school & lunch bags, pencil cases, lunch box & bottles & bag tags, which makes going to school so much fun. More importantly, when used alongside our labels, all your child’s property will stop being lost.

We understand that family life also includes lots of exciting moments like pregnancy & sibling announcements & birthdays. Be sure to check out our clothing range, great for capturing these moments in life.

Our fantastic range of removable wall stickers are used all over the world to transform dull rooms into fun and playful bedrooms, perfect for girls and boys. Of course, you don’t have to stop at our wall stickers, as we also have a large array of personalised gift products like cushions, aprons, stationery & popular seasonal products for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Christmas.

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