MK Nordika

Marie Kullenberg is the MK in MK Nordika – Swedish Mother of three living in Victoria along the beautiful Great Ocean Road.

Tiny Trolls started 6 years ago when she realised there was a lack of comfortable and durable wet weather gear in Australia. The compliments and queries from other mums and dads is how the idea of Tiny Trolls began – with the goal of importing this unique Scandinavian product to Australia

Marie now sells Scandinavian rainwear in Australia and so far over 100 kindergartens, playgroups and daycare centres in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales have purchased these sets, embracing the possibilities of giving children the opportunity to play outdoors in all weather.

These great products protect the clothing, keeping children clean, warm and dry. The material is soft, lightweight and PVC free. It is also breathable, durable and machine-washable.


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