Moonlit Sleep

All our products are certified organic to the GOTS standard. This is your assurance that they have been produced ethically and to the highest global organic standards. We use only eco-friendly dyes, which are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. We don’t use any nasty chemical finishes such as anti-wrinkle or flame retardants, so our cotton is pure and gentle,¬†even on the most delicate skin. We’re truly passionate about creating healthier,¬†safer options to help create a sustainable world for our children and generations to come.

Our children spend such a large proportion of their time in bed. By creating Moonlit Sleep, we could rest assured that our precious ones, were sleeping in and having their sensitive skin rub against PURE organic fabric, grown and processed without the use of nasty chemicals.

We created Moonlit Sleep for our children. We’d LOVE to share it with you and your little ones, so you can ENJOY it as much as we do.

Sweet Dreams in Organic Cotton xxx

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