Musluv UPF 50+ Baby Covers
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It was my daily habit with my newborn.

Baby goes in pram. Muslin wrap goes over pram. Baby is now safe and protected from ’sneeze-spray’ and the harsh sun.

Oh how wrong I was!

The first baby muslin covers in Australia with an UPF 50+ have just been launched, bringing to light how utterly useless my thin wrap was at protecting my precious baby girl.

The recently launched Musluv shields out 97% of UV radiation and has handy ties on each corner to tie it securely to the pram. Bye-bye awkward moments when your wrap slowly slips down and conveniently wraps itself around your wheel…   

Founder, Natasha Jacquot, moved from London to Australia and was conscious of UV exposure of her own newborn.  ‘I noticed that some parents were using muslin wraps to shield their babies’ skin, but I soon discovered they were thin and porous, and were providing ZERO protection against the sun’s rays.’ (Yep, that’s me right there!).

Natasha went on to design a wrap that not only provided UV protection, but allowed adequate air flow through the fabric to keep bub cool (or us mums when using as a breastfeeding cover). She’s a genius!

The wraps are on the expensive side at $74.95-97.95, however you can tell a ton of work has gone into developing, testing and patenting the products. Support a small business and protect your loved ones.

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