KidStyleFile Roundup : Get Your Freak On This Halloween
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To my children’s delight I finally succumbed to the weird, freaky allure of Halloween last year and them off to Centennial Park in Sydney to celebrate at their activity day. They ran through giant spider webs, sunk their hands into cauldrons full of slime to withdraw eyeballs, and raced through an obstacle course while being chased by zombies. We topped the adventure off with a little trick or treating (their first go ever!).

This was quite a major event for our family. In the past I have been adverse to the whole idea of celebrating October the 31st. The thought of approaching strangers for lollies went against my “stranger danger” teachings. So what changed my mind? I guess my sense of fun. I accompanied my kids EVERYWHERE. I even dressed up. Maybe I’m just becoming less serious in my old age.

With the date quickly approaching a little inspiration doesn’t hurt so today we have gathered up a dozen finds so you can get your freak on too. So what are you wearing?

KidStyleFile Roundup : Get Your Freak On This Halloween

  1. Tutu du Monde Under a Spell
  2. Glitter Cat Dress Wild Things Funky Little Dresses $78.47
  3. Happy Halloween Party Garland Kit Lark Store $24.95
  4. Cotton On Kids Halloween Edit
  5. Ellie Ellie Kids Halloween Sweater Hard to Find $67.00 + FREE shipping
  6. Halloween Paper Theatre Down That Little Lane $10.00
  7. Eggnogg » Colour-in Mask – Monster Down That Little Lane $4.95
  8. Mini Boden Roald Dahl Mathilda Dress 
  9. Spiegelburg Plush Mask Lion $15.95
  10. BangBang Copenhagen Pingo Alfie Wild $125.00
  11. inbalcarmistudio via Etsy

Tile Image from front page: DIY Halloween signs 

Header Image: Haunted House Tee $33.99 OnceUponAStory


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