Blackthorn Hill Retreat

These gorgeous hot air balloon mobiles are handmade by Claire at Blackthorn Hill Retreat farm. Every aspect of their single or multi balloon mobiles will be hand crafted just for you from Australian products.

Custom balloons can be crafted to match a colour scheme or home decor, and can decorate any adult living space, child or baby’s room. The balloons are predominantly made of cotton fabrics in differing weights, with the basket is made from hessian and cork, and cotton bakers twine as mini rope to connect the basket to the balloon.

They are  approximately 7 inches x 4 inches in size (not including the cloud), and the surface is baby-friendly being washable with a gentle soap and soft cloth, and a pat dry.

Many people send a few photos of their colour scheme / room and leave the designing and the sewing to Claire.

Each step is communicated and the overall design will be approved by you before Claire starts sewing. As each piece is unique, only once the final design is chosen an accurate costing will be worked out and a deposit of 50% required. Blackthorn Hill Retreat will invoice via PayPal to your email address.

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