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We all know the power of a good night’s sleep, and even more so, we know just how crippling it can be when you and your baby or child aren’t sleeping properly. As a mother of twin boys, Kylie Camps knows this all too well.

Her business, The Sleep Mama, came about after her own experience with sleep deprivation and, after becoming certified, Kylie started helping out other mamas one-on-one. This expanded into nifty online program to help more mamas out all over the world! With over 80,000 loyal followers on social media, this mama is making a difference!

On most days you’ll find Kylie sharing stories, feedback and her learnings on Instagram stories or Snapchat that often give you a little ‘ah – that’s makes perfect sense’ moment, followed by you trying out her tips throughout the day on your own kids. I’m often pausing during moments of angst and repeating some of Kylie’s words of wisdom to myself – “My toddler is not trying to be naughty. Find out why they’re frustrated…”.

Today, Kylie shares what her own routines look like for her boys, what her tips are on juggling business and motherhood, and what brands she depends on when dressing her boys.

How did The Sleep Mama get started?

The sleep mama was a very organic progression for us, it was born from a place of severe sleep deprivation and limited resources. We hit rock bottom after our twin boys were born, it’s a long story but we decided to investigate all sleep methodologies and this lead to me completing my certification and working with families.

The Sleep Mama

What is the most common problem you come across?

The most common problem is baby’s waking after a 45 min catnap or struggling to sleep through the night.


How has social media impacted your business, and life?

Social media is imperative for any business in this day and age. It is where we spend a lot of our downtime so it is a great place to connect with parents. For our business it is a really important platform.


What keeps you motivated with your business?

I really love helping families, it is super motivating to know our programs make a difference to the lives of families .

The Sleep Mama

What are your strategies when it comes to ‘work life balance’?

Balance isn’t always easy for me to achieve, simply because for me to have this business as well as our boys- it means some areas of life do become minimised or fall off the “balance scale’. In saying that, everything is a choice and some areas of life that have been sacrificed are my own doing. I work a lot and it has always been scheduled in around the boys needs and being with them as the number one priority.

One thing I do always make time for is exercise, being physically strong and fit keeps me mentally healthy!


What is something you do daily with your boys that is non-negotiable?

We read every day but that rarely feels like a chore. One of the non negotiables we have for the boys is a super smoothie! They have not been the best eaters so a smoothie filled with goodness is a must do every day!


What does your nighttime routine look like in your home?

The boys love bath time still (love flooding our bathroom I should say) so they typically  have a long and early spa bath. They will then play with play dough or colouring books while I prepare dinner. We eat together at around 5pm. We often take our dog for a walk after dinner as a family. We read books and tell stories after dinner and the boys are in bed by 6/6:30pm each night.

Once the kids are in bed my husband Matt and I will work a little more or watch a trashy tv show or jump into bed early. We are always in bed by 9pm at the very latest, more often than not it is before 8:30pm because we both wake early.

The Sleep Mama


Top 3 sleeping tips for mums of newborns:

+ Expect your baby to sleep in short bursts and require lots of skin on skin.

+ The newborn weeks are survival mode and your only job is to get comfortable with feeding, whether it is breast or bottle. It all takes time.

+ Swaddle your newborn. The startle reflex is strong and a nice snug swaddle will encourage sleep. Also check out out first sleep program. It is my favourite program because it is filled with tried and tested methods that make a difference.


Top 3 sleeping tips for mums of toddlers:

+ Be mindful of the total hours of sleep your toddler has in a 24 hour period. If you toddler has a lengthy day sleep it may impact his or her night sleep and wake times.

+ A wind down routine is priceless for toddlers. Encourage your son or daughter to slow down by minimising screen time and excessive stimulation before bed.

+ Developmental milestones do impact sleep quality such as mastering a new skill .


The Sleep Mama Event

What’s next for you?

We are really loving hosting events for our community. Our next event is June 3rd and is all about empowering women to discover and pursue their passions [check it out here]. All of our events have a strong focus on personal growth and development, particularly for mothers. So often as parents we stop putting ourselves on the priority list and it can lead into dangerous territory. If you would like to attend an event jump over to our website.



Describe your family and your typical day to us:

Each day is a little bit different due to my husbands work roster but  typically my husband and I are awake between 4:30 and 5:00am. The boys wake around 7am.

We have breakfast and then get stuck into the day, the boys go to a family day care 2 days a week so on those days I am able to sit at the computer to work.

I spend a lot of time talking with our community on Instagram most days also. We always get outside for a walk, often it’s after dinner with the dog. On non daycare days we will head to the park or beach.


What are your own 3 style must-haves?

  1. Our sleep mama tee shirt (I love an oversized white tee and was fortunate enough to team up with DISSH boutiques to create a mama uniform)
  2. I live in denim shorts (Gypsea shorts by DISSH)
  3. If i am not in denim shorts ill be in a pair of gym tights! Active wear is so good for busy mum’s chasing after little ones!


What are your children’s favourite brands?

Beau Hudson

Cotton on Kids

Oh Boy Designs


What do you look for in brands for your kids?

A good fit is a top priority for us, the boys have always been on the lean side so we stick to brands that we know will fit them (and stay up). I also love to shop with Australian brands and mama start ups.


You’ll find Kylie’s The Sleep Mama programs at

Follow her stories at @thesleepmama


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