Sunday Soldiers ‘Salty Nomads’

From small ocean-side beginnings, Sunday Soldiers have fast become a favourite kids fashion brand.

What started as a little t-shirt pressing business in the corner of a lounge room, Sunday Soldiers quickly spread its wings and has found itself popping up in corners of the globe far flung from its birthplace – a little coastal town in Western Australia.

Sunday Soldiers

With edgy surf and skate designs and a “good vibes” flavour, Sunday Soldiers is resonating with consumers who appreciate it’s fresh path in the kid’s fashion scene.

 Sunday Soldiers ‘Salty Nomads’ range seeks to steer away from corporate logo surf shirts your uncle is still wearing to family gatherings.

This collection is putting surf and skate fashion back on the map with designs that inspire and reflect their passion of having your feet planted on a board or in the beach sand.

 Salty Nomads is inspired by a trip to WA’s Ningaloo Reef, an area full of red dirt, turquoise bays and wild stories.

‘Salty Nomads’

The range features clothes for both boys and girls, with unisex items like rad snoods or slouchy beanies.
Jumpers, trackies, tights and skinnies cater for the cooler months. For boys, the black trackies paired with a “Surf Checks & Skate Decks” jumper and a slouchy beanie will give them all of the comfort they need, whilst having the freedom to play and explore.

Girls will look edgy and eclectic in the raw edge pocket dress with skinny leggings and a snood. Short sleeves offer some cooler options in the warmer months, while still capturing everything ‘Salty Nomads’ was created to represent. Thrown on over a pair of shorts and sneakers, the “Shred Till Bed” tee will help your little dudes personality speak for itself.

If you are looking for a proudly Australian brand that speaks true to an ethos of a culture, than Sunday Soldiers is perfect for you.

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