Olli Ella Launches Seeya Suitcase
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OH-EM-GEE! The team at Ollie Ella sure have been busy bees. Their latest product release features products so well designed, that you’ll be booking a trip overseas just to try them out (or at least imagining all the amazing places you’ll go!). Today we introduce the Seeya Suitcase…

Seeya Suitcase
For nomads who’re always on the go to homebodies who like their creature comforts, Olli Ella’s new collection of kid-sized luggage is designed to encourage daydreams and adventure. Perfect for a weekend away or long haul holidays, the cabin baggage-sized Seeya will make the journey almost as exciting as the destination. Travel is alway best with friends, so the Seeya comes complete with an elastic band around the from so your child’s favourite cuddly toy can join in the fun. With a retractable handle, the Seeya is designed to be wheeled around airports, stations or the back garden by children from toddler age to six.

Not just for travel, the vintage-style trunks are the perfect place to store treasures and toys. The only difficult thing about these gorgeous cases is choosing a colour!


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