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You have the team at Axis Toys to thank every time you see the infamous Miniland dolls or Lundby doll houses. Since 2004 they have been sourcing quality toys from around the globe, and bringing them into Australian homes.

Their focus is on quality and passing toys from one child to the next, and down the family tree.

“ The Axis Toy range has expanded from the Lundby doll house range to toys and now gifts. These toys are made to last a lifetime and to be passed through generations or kept as keepsakes. There is a lot of creativity in the our range that fits very well in the Lifestyle and Kidstyle marketplace.”

Amongst dozens of brands exclusively distributed by Axis, we’ve picked 3 that we know you’ll love (and provided a list of local stockists so you can snap one up for yourself!).

Yogi FUN

Don’t you love seeing products designed by parents become a success! Yogi FUN started off as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 by parents in Israel who wanted to introduce yoga to kids in a fun and playful way. The crowdfunding campaign was successful and Axis Toys have brought them over to Australia for us to all enjoy.

Yogi FUN games are a fantastic tool for mindful development of emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills and of course self-confidence. The values that yoga instils such as equality, generosity and friendship are all part of what the founders of Yogi FUN want to develop in our future generations.

Products range from the 40 piece card set, a fun dice game, sun salutation puzzle and more.

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Miniland Dolls

We all know and love Miniland Dolls. They’re an Instagram favourite.

Miniland Dolls are a collection of multi-racial anatomically-correct baby dolls that help children to understand concepts such as family, diversity (both races and gender), as well as respect and tolerance. No doll is more appropriate for the Australian marketplace.

Sourced from Spain, each Miniland Doll arrives in nothing but underwear and the softest vanilla scent. Available in 21cm or 38cm (image below shows 38cm dressed, and 21cm in boxes).

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Teebee Toy Box

Never has a toy had so many functions! From Lego box, to pencil case, to car storage, to lunch box and more.

Teebee Toy Box encourages good old-fashioned tactile play anytime anywhere. Teebee is on a mission to challenge parents to swap their kids’ electronic devices with a stylish portable Toypod. And with a built-in Lego board it made so much sense!

Each transportable toy box comes with a leather strap that will secure it to your child’s belt when seated, and is designed to fit comfortably between their legs. The open trays make the perfect lap bench for playing, drawing and eating.

Axis Toys have brought this product to us from Denmark, and we’re so happy they did!

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Trade Only

You’ll find Axis Toys exhibiting at the Melbourne Gift Fair from 4-8 August 2018.

Axis Toys showing at August Fairs at the MCEC

Miniland Doll images supplied by @hudson_and_harlow


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