Baby Loves Sleep

Baby Loves Sleep

Home of innovative and uniquely designed baby sleep solutions created by Founder Malou Villarreal, based on personal experience and years of research.

The KOALA HUGS newborn swaddle wrap with built-in arms pockets to gently cocoon your baby’s arms and keep them securely inside the swaddle wrap. Your baby’s ‘startle reflex’ is calmed and their sleep remains deep and restful. The ultimate swaddle wrap for new parents, removes the guesswork out of swaddling – guaranteed to wrap the perfect swaddle every time.

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep sack, gives comfort and security to your baby when they have outgrown swaddling, while helping them to cope with the ‘startle reflex’, allowing them to sleep longer. The ultimate solution for transitioning out of the swaddle.

The HANDS IN & OUT sleep sack, gives them the best of both worlds! With clever fold-over wrist cuffs allowing your baby’s hands to be kept snugly inside the sleep sack for warmth and security, or fold back to let their hands come out and self-soothe.

The COZY TODDLER SUIT is an innovative toddler sleep suit that is designed as a single size to cover your toddler from age 1 year all the way to 3+ years.  This means you don’t have to buy another one every time your toddler has a growth spurt. A unique onesie design featuring a full inner leg/crotch zipper that offers the practicality and convenience of nappy changing without taking off the entire suit. THE ULTIMATE TODDLER SLEEP SUIT!

All BABY LOVES SLEEP products have been endorsed by industry health professionals, promoted by many baby sleep consultants and carries the tick of approval from INPAA,

Their products have also been selected as FINALIST in the Mother & Baby Awards (Australia), Made for Mums Awards (UK) and Junior Design Awards (UK).



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