Lundby Doll Houses

Lundby Smaland and Stockholm Doll’s Houses have been creating magical experiences for children for over 70 years, and as the pioneers of lighting in doll’s houses, Lundby knows how to weave in a bit of spectacular too with Bluetooth TM stereo and remote control lighting!

The new Lundby Creative House allows children to start role playing earlier in their favourite house. It features removable walls that can be reversed to create a fresh look, decorative stickers and extra themed walls can transform the doll’s house into a shop or party room and change it back!

Each Lundby doll’s house also provides a platform for DIY so you can make the house your own. From printing out wallpapers to fit the house to colouring in new backwall sets for the Creative House, the website has worked with creatives to provide lots of themed ideas to create festivity and celebrate key occasions too.

With its contemporary look, Lundby and its families ensure the magic continues for your family too.

Lundby: Since 1947



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