Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers and Carers
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Are you looking for something to show your thanks to a special teacher or carer? With Christmas coming up, I’m hoping to find them something special for my daughter’s daycare educators to say thank you. Each year, they go the extra mile to meet the needs of everyone in their class, to set creative and exciting projects and to always, always be open to a discussion with us parents about our kids’ progress.

Every year at Christmas time, teachers all around Australia are receiving countless mugs to add to their every growing collection. You would think that all they do is drink coffee with the collections that they have. This year find something a little less predictable and source a gift that won’t find it’s way to the back of the cupboard. We’ve pulled together a bunch for you to choose from this season. Of course a gift certificate wouldn’t go astray either.

There are a few ideas included that may be better suited to group gifts or or when you’re saying ‘thank you’ to the whole company.

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1.Kip&Co Blossom Pink Cheese Knife $25 | 2. Emma Kate Co. Greeting Card $7.95 | 3. Cutlery Carriage Container + Fork & Spoon $19.95 | 4. Smooth Bombs Multitasker Mixed Tube $12.95 | 5. Little Bumble Beewax Food Wraps from $6.60 | 6. Amelia Lane Paper Monthly Planner $19.95 | 7. Gorman Socks From $9.00 | 8. Funch Salted Caramel Protein Ball Mix $12.95 | 9. Sunnylife Ping Pong Play On $49.95 | 10. Loccitane Verbena Bauble $22 | 11. Simply Infused Glass Infuser Bottle $24.95 | 12. Herbies Butter Chicken Spice Mix $5.50 (perfect to pop into cards) | 13. All Organic Store Rustic Peppermint Muscle Soak $3.95 | 14. Fuelbox Team Leadership Question Box $199 | 15. iGift Fruit Hamper Cherry Box $105 | 16. Colour & Spice Personalised Teacher Wooden Flower $22 | 17. Emma Kate Co. Greeting Card $7.95 | 18. Vantler Leather Personalised Leather Cord Organiser $24.95



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