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MIX/ZIP/ROMP – an incredibly original and inventive idea that just seems so simple! Rompo is a collection of romper tops and bottoms that zip together, allowing you to mix and match different pieces, creating completely unique and individual outfits for your precious little baby. Just a few pieces of the Rompo range could give you endless outfits for your baby, all simple, fun and fantastically cute.

Practical, yet super stylish. And you’d expect nothing less from founder Jenna Spence, a mum of 3 under 3 and a former Art Director at Ogilvy (just check out the tube packaging below!). Rompo is the perfect fusion of original Australian design, and garments that are just made for messy baby life. There’s nothing quite like being sleep deprived and successfully managing to dress bub in a beautiful outfit, only to have an explosion on one end destroy your efforts – and add to that growing laundry pile.

With Rompo, instead of a full outfit change, you simply zip off the top or bottom, replace it, and off you go!

The Rompo range is suited to babies aged 3-6 months and 6-12 months. The custom zipper on each piece fits into all the other garments in the range. The zippers are flat and have been designed to sit directly on top of the garment’s lining to ensure no discomfort is caused for our little ones.

The individual pieces are colourful and playful, but also comfortable and gentle for that beautifully soft baby skin.

Created by a mum (and a super-mum at that!), you know that only love and experience have gone into creating pieces that will be practical, comfortable and fun for your baby. The material is soft and breathable and the design of the items gives your baby the freedom to move around and explore the new world around them.

Cute collars and frills create elegant looking outfits that, along with the bold prints and colours of the romper bottoms, look modern, yet timeless.

Mix and match and don’t worry what is in the wash and what is clean, any of the Rompo shirts will look perfect with the Rompo bottoms. Simple ideas that work are usually difficult to come up with, but Jenna Spence has achieved absolute quality with her range of easy to use and creatively cute Rompo outfits.


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