Silver Cross Jet Review – Road-testing in Vietnam
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Silver Cross Jet Review

What do you do when you’re 6 months pregnant with your second child? Do you start to take things slowly? Book in for pregnancy massages or plan a relaxing babymoon away? Not us. We booked in for one last adventure as a family of three to Vietnam, making sure we included our favourite places to make the most of it. Our itinerary ended up including 7 flights – not recommended when you’re pregnant and have a 2.5 year old with you. Fearing the tantrums my daughter would be throwing, I went on a hunt for the best travel pram/stroller – it was a non-negotiable with all the airport queues that were coming our way. The last thing I wanted to do was lug suitcases around with swollen ankles AND carry a tired toddler.

The stroller would also give us peace of mind and control in those crowded laneways; having a toddler that disappears in a split second was making me nervous! A pram would keep her contained, and give her somewhere to sleep on those nights where we’d have dinner later.

My ideal travel pram had to tick most boxes:

  • light
  • folded easily
  • good for sleeping toddler and future newborn
  • wheels needed to cope with uneven pavements of Vietnam
  • take on plane or fit in cars (the smaller the better)

I narrowed down to a few online and headed to my local Baby Bunting to trial them in person – with husband in tow of course (anything with wheels gets his interest!). The only pram that met what I was looking for was the Silver Cross Jet. I went with the intention of buying another that I preferred the look of, and tried SO hard to like it, but whilst it looked great, it just didn’t compete with the quality of the Jet.

Some of the options had handles at odd heights, narrow wheels, sounded or felt flimsy, or just had a rough ride when going over bumps.

Tip: Make sure you add the 10kg weights to prams to see how they really handle, and go over a few bumps/surfaces to see how they sound.  The Silver Cross Jet was perfect and had a far smoother ride than the other options. Considering the broken pavements where we were going, this was important.

We ended up walking a good 12km each day, so put the pram through its paces on most days. We were SO grateful to have it with us.

Silver Cross Jet Review: here’s what we loved

Size and weight:

When folded, the pram looked like a small cabin bag so we could easily pop it in the overhead compartment for each flight. This was also an unexpected benefit considering some of the rooms we stayed in were quite small and space was precious, not to mention fitting it into taxis along with our luggage!


Despite the small size, there was still a decent sized storage basket underneath. As we were travelling I always packed the minimal basics. You might struggle trying to fit a large nappy bag under the pram.

Stable ride:

Footpaths suddenly turn into scooter/motorbike parking lots in Vietnam, so we were always weaving, going up and down gutters, across broken pavements, over tree roots, and trying to dodge gaps in bridges. The pram handled this easily and always felt stable for our daughter.


The extra large sunshade was excellent! It not only provided protection from the blazing sun, but provided her with a bit of privacy/security in larger crowded areas where she was feeling overwhelmed (or just wanted to watch Paw Patrol, which I gave in to. A lot…). With younger babies this would be excellent for nap times! The peek-a-boo window was a bonus that we were always looking through it. We didn’t need to use the rain cover, but this was easily stored in the basket just in case as it was typhoon season (not your typical babymoon here…).

Great ventilation:

Phew – was it hot and humid! The pram was her escape from the heat and the ventilation kept air circulating as we walked.

The small size is now perfect as it’s stored in the cupboard until baby #2 arrives in January. I love my main everyday pram at home (Joolz Day), however I have a feeling I’ll be taking this one out more when in the car. There’s only so much space in my little Mini 😉

The Silver Cross Jet retails for $599. Shop it here >  Suitable for birth to 15kgs.

The Silver Cross Jet was gifted once I’d researched and selected my pram of choice. This is an honest review of the Silver Cross Jet and is based on personal experience. 


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