7 of the best padded foam playmats
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We’ve rounded up the best padded foam playmats that not only look good, but make your life that little bit easier.

Our criteria was easy to wipe clean, spongy to absorb toddler falls, gentle on our knees for when we have to play the ‘sick patient’, and, considering we have to stare at them all day, they need to look good AND be durable.

Which is your favourite?

Munchkin & Bear

Botanical Padded Play Mat
Soft grey spots on the reverse
$159.95 pre-order
Large 2m x 1.4m – 1.5cm thick
(also available in round 1.4m diameter)

Mikro Australia

Scandinavian front, with you choice of 5 patterns for the back
Round option available.
2m x 1.4m – 1.5cm thick

Little Wiwa

Natur Sage – Generos design
Also available in pink
2m x 1.4m – 1.5cm thick

Freddy & Co

A geometric print on one side, animal alphabet or roads on the reverse.
Available in blue, black, grey.
2m x 1.4m
1.5cm thick
Round option available.


‘Cute Friends’ Scandinavian on one side, monochrome car track on the other.
$199 (on sale for $169 at time of writing)
1.9m x 1.3m (larger options available) – 1.2cm thick


Cuddle Co

Illustrated by Sydney artist, Sha’an d’anthea
Featuring Australia’s native flora and fauna
1.9m x 1.3m- 1.5cm thick

Bumpa Mats

Grey stripes / Pink track design
Used by daycare centres around Australia
135mm x 105mm – 1cm thick




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