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Hi, I’m KidStyleFile’s publisher Sam. I took a step back last year from KidStyleFile to focus on my two daughters (aka – I became completely overwhelmed with motherhood and something had to give!). I’ve been watching the news with my heart aching. Surely there was something I could do to help our country survive this.

I’ve decided to dust the keyboard off and offer my services and platform to every business that would appeal to our KidStyleFile audience. For free! All I need is a few details and I’ll promote your best offer to our audience.


  • Australian mums
  • 14.5k followers on Instagram
  • 17,000 email subscribers
  • 10k monthly readers – STILL!

What to do:
Your brand MUST appeal to mums or kids, and incorporate ‘style’

  • Enter your details on the form below
  • Include an 800×800 image to showcase your brand
  • If you can, take this opportunity to share a bit more about YOU and how much your customers mean to you. How would their purchase impact your business?

Offer Promotion

  • % off, $ off, free shipping, bonus etc.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.

I’m a one-man-band. Please be patient and know that I will do my absolute best to include everyone that meets the brief (ie: SEO services will not be accepted). All I ask is that when your offer is published, please share it with your audience so everyone can benefit from the cross promotion.


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