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Pimp my high chair was launched one year ago by Melina (a Sydney mum of three, including twins last year). We provide innovative baby feeding accessories to encourage fuss free mealtimes. The company’s flagship product is the FootsiTM. The FootsiTM is a portable, height adjustable footrest which attaches to the Ikea Antilop high chair or similars so that babies can have a place to rest their feet. 

Melina I invented and patented this product after using the Ikea Antilop chair with her first born and noticed her daughter looked uncomfortable at times with her feet dangling down, constantly trying to find some support. In a bid to step into her shoes, I lifted my feet off the ground while trying to eat dinner and realised how uncomfortable it really was to have no stability while trying to concentrate on the task at hand. Some quick Googling also found research that points towards gross motor stability to enable fine motor skill development. This was a problem that had to be solved so I designed the high chair footrest and the Footsi was born.

Since then the Footsi has become well loved around the world by leading Nutritionists and Occupational Therapists. Melina is so thankful to have had some amazing companies help spread the word for her around the world such as Feeding Littles and Cando Kiddo in the US, Dr Kyla and One Handed Cooks in Australia are just to name a few that have helped me along my journey.

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A personal note from founder Melinda:

Hi, my name is Melina and I’m the footrest enthusiast that created the Footsi. I have three children, Chiara 3 and twins Lachlan and Thomas 10 months.

I’m very passionate about my product the Footsi as I can see how many families it has helped to have a better meal time experience so far. The weaning journey can be very daunting and often difficult in some cases so I’m very proud to help support mums through that process. We are quite active on Instagram and often share recipes and helpful tips for mums.

Launching the product when I was 6 months pregnant with twins, and surviving the first year in business with 3 kiddies by my side has definitely been no easy task. It’s a labour of love though and I know my product is solving a problem for so many families and ultimately helping little ones enjoy their meal times more.


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