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At Monkey Caboose, I handpick unique and beautifully crafted gifts and toys to promote creativity and imagination in little people. I believe learning starts with fun and, for babies and toddlers, that comes in the form of things they can hold and squeeze or push and pull. Their minds are always working!

I’m proud to support local toy specialists like Make Me Iconic, Dear Little Designs and Tiger Tribe as well as award-winning international brands including Le Toy Van and Djeco.

Above all, Monkey Caboose is a family business, proudly Melbourne owned and operated for more than 10 years.

I pride myself on understanding what each customer wants and needs and providing personal service with fast and safe Australia-wide delivery. (You might even see me hand-delivering in my rubber gloves if you’re close by!) I’d love you to come and take a look!

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A personal note from Monkey Caboose Director, Sarah:

I’m a mum who wanted to find a way to have some flexibility around my small children. Running Monkey Caboose let me be around when they needed me (and keep very busy when they didn’t!) but as the kids got older, things got tougher to balance and competition was rife. So my little business was put on hold for a while as life took over. But now more than ever we all need something to focus on. And something to keep us connected. So I want to try and reach out to families and be able to provide people with goodies to make their little ones smile and feel a bit normal when there’s so much going on in their worlds.

This little business means the world to me and it may just help keep my family sane during these uncertain times – and if I can help keep your family smiling at the same time, well, that’s what it’s all about!


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