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The PILANKY by Happy Jo Designs is an All-In-One Kids bed for kids aged 1-6 and now a longer Pilanky is available for taller and older kids. It is a comfortable, quality handmade roll out bed with a double layered mattress with even thicker pillow attached. It comes with a detachable double width sheet and blanket for extra comfort. It is 100% machine washable and the child’s name can be embroidered on it.
There are many colourful fabrics to choose from for Girls or Boys at

Designed for Childcare, Pre-School, Travelling, Camping and Sleepovers however very practical for the home for kids to rest, relax, read a book, watch TV, play with toys in. Kids who are currently at home will love the Pilanky!
Back in the days we were all attached to our ‘Blanky’- now kids are attached to their Pilanky: Pillow+Blanky = Pilanky

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A message from founder, Jo:

Johanna Constable’s passion for sewing began at the age of 5, and at age 10 her parents had a T-shirt factory, and this is when she learnt the art of production.
Fast forward 28 years, Johanna had her daughter and got her sewing machine out and after her nickname HAPPY JO, her business Happy Jo Designs was born in 2009.
Happy Jo Designs is celebrating 11 years in business after inventing the PILANKY which is now 100% online sending many products across Australia. Most of all I love making a product that helps Mums & Dads & Grandparents with an easy sleep/rest solution for their little loved ones.

I enjoy producing the Pilanky in all kinds of fabrics to suit boys and girls and it makes me happy when I receive many testimonials from customers who love this product. My inspiration is If kids get the sleep or rest they need, all parents are happy!
Please help support Australian Made home business, my customers mean everything to my business growth and they will be extremely happy with purchasing this Pilanky product!


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