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Welcome to Kids Love Rainbow Colours – we have fun clothes for kids!
Our clothes are cheerful, bright & colourful and comfortable for babies, toddlers and children up to 13 years old. We also have a small but colourful selection for adults! KLRC is all about happy kids. Kids love having fun, they love bright colours, they love stories, fairy tales, animals and fire trucks. We want to be able to offer them clothes with all of the things they love and enjoy. Our clothes are made out of softest organic cotton and styles are comfortable, leaving kids free to climb, run & just be kids.
Here’s our promise: no skimpy styles, no skull and bones, no ugly logos, no slogans, no boring clothes, no ironing! We promote kids being kids and where possible we look for unisex styles, so that everybody can enjoy all the colours of the rainbow. Because not all girls love pink, and some boys do.


A personal message from owner, Tiina:

Kids Love Rainbow Colours started with the idea that all kids love all colours. Kids love colourful clothes and regardless of anything, they should be able to wear the colours and prints they love. Show their own uniqueness and individuality. Be kids, be comfortable and have fun. This is still the core of us. But there’s much more, we also believe in looking after our precious Mother Earth. All our range is made out of organic cotton and quality that lasts. We believe clothes should be passed on and on, for more kids to enjoy. We believe in looking after the people, who make the clothes, as well everyone in the supply chain. Therefore all our range is made by fairly paid adults. Now more than ever we need to look after each other and the whole globe.
Please, choose quality over quantity.


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