The NEW Joolz Aer – compact in size and price
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No, I won’t be talking about a brand new travel pram whilst Australia has a complete travel ban in place.

What I will do though, is showcase a pram that is SO needed from the Joolz family. Something that is lightweight, compact, versatile and priced well (the Aer will set you back $749 vs the Joolz Geo for $1,999).

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Get the Lassig Neckline Nappy Bay (RRP $249) FREE with any Joolz Aer online purchase. SHOP NOW >

Image: @riley_travels

If you can’t already tell, I’m a firm supporter of the Joolz products. My Joolz Day has seen me through my first daughter’s four years, and now my youngest’s first year. It’s done more miles than my car yet is still like the day I bought it (once you scrape the dried banana off…). But it’s a HUGE investment. One that is worth it, but in today’s climate with uncertainly climbing, one that might not be on the cards for many people right now.

That’s why I knew you had to know about the Joolz Aer. Whilst it’s designed as a travel companion, it’s suitable for everyday use for babies and toddlers aged 6 months – 4 years (up to 18kg), it folds down to cabin size so you’ll have more room at home, and it pops up in a second – with ONE hand!

The Joolz Aer comes with a lifetime warranty, and all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride – find out why this is so important with a pram.

SHOP THE JOOLZ AWE NOW and get a FREE Lassig Neckline Nappy Bag.

Lassig Neckline Nappy Bag – Yours Free!
Image: @riley_travels
We’re not travelling any time soon – but how cute does little baby Alba look here! Image: @riley_travels
Compact in size. Image: @riley_travels


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