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Established in 2007, KidStyleFile is Australia’s first and best baby and kids fashion blog and kids product blog. 100% independent and mum-run, KidStyleFile is dedicated to bringing you the news on premium, designer and boutique baby and kids clothes, gear, decor, nursery items and toys, on sale, value-added, or discounted on a daily basis.

We are passionate about boutique and unique baby and kids design, and we search high and low to bring you the news on the finest products the market has to offer. All the best baby and kids online stores are represented on KidStyleFile. From the well-established to the brand-new, you know if they’re here, they’re worth knowing about!

We work directly with stores, designers and wholesalers in the baby and kids product industry to help you stay informed on beautiful new products coming to market, and we give you the inside scoop on sales, and broker special offers and discount codes exclusively for KidStyleFile readers. You can also ‘meet’ designers and store owners, find out more about amazing products, and get informed with our product reviews and special features.

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Who is KidStyleFile? Meet the team!

Dina – Owner & Managing Editor – Joined June 2015

Dina - Owner & Managing Editor - Joined June 2015

Hi, I’m Dina, mum to one little 4 year old with a big personality. Thanks to my daughter, I have been introduced to the merits of being an early morning person and rediscovered the joys in little things. A child at heart, I love sharing simple pleasures with her, and look forward to the day we can watch my favourite kids movies together snuggled under a blanket.

My life pre-child largely involved working hard to fund my next adventure to some interesting or exotic destination and I hope to instil this love of world discovery in Isla. Travel always opens your mind and brings a fresh perspective to everyday life.

I was an early adopter of internet shopping because who doesn’t love shopping in their PJs with a cup of tea and a bickie (or two)? Back in the day finding gorgeous stuff to buy online from shops who were reliable and delivered to Australia often meant trawling the web for hours… now we have KidStyleFile! Chock-full of the newest and funkiest treats from around Australia and beyond – too easy!

AngelaFounder & Team Writer – Joined December 2007

Angela - Founded KidStyleFile December 2007 - Publisher/Managing Director/Editor/Writer/Researcher/Chief Bottle-washer

Hello, I’m Angela. I spent a decade working in IT, communications and commercial development before I became a mum to my identical twin daughters in 2004.

In 2007 I created KidStyleFile to create a community of excellence of Australian online baby and kids stores. My motive was to celebrate and support the creative and hardworking talent behind the stores and the labels, by giving them an accessible platform on which to be seen by an audience who shares their ethos of quality and uniqueness.

KidStyleFile allows you to efficiently locate wonderful products and stores, keep up with the latest baby and kids fashion and product releases, and access regular discounts and offers.

KidStyleFile is about relationships as much as shopping – knowing the people and stories what you buy behind makes shopping so much more fun and meaningful – so join our community and get to know your local online providers and save a dollar or ten into the bargain. I passionately believe in boutique and small business – it’s where all the cool stuff happens – and I thank you for believing in it to. Enjoy the magic!

Edwina– KidStyleFile Team Writer – Joined January 2009



Hello, I’m Edwina. I am Mum to three wonderful boys aged 13, 10 and 8. My life pre-kids seems so long ago, but I do recall how wonderful it was to sleep in, drink entire cups of tea uninterrupted and read the newspaper in bed. These days I am a busy mum working in the arts industry and being a taxi driver to soccer, music and other activities.

Everyday I am amazed and inspired with the vast creativity of artists, designers and crafty folk that populate the world of the web. I am completely in love with shopping online and can think of nothing better than finding a package in the mailbox from some far off land.

Leah – Team Writer and Social Media Manager – Joined September 2009

Leah - Team Writer and Social Media Community Manager - Joined September 2009

Hi, I’m Leah. I’m a Mum to two wonderfully active and amazing children: Master R, 8 and Miss N, 6. I work full-time in the education sector, so like nothing more than coming home and getting up to mischief with my two ratbags. Our afternoons, weekends and school holidays are full of adventure together in our backyard, our local environment and our regular interstate travels.

For downtime, I enjoy sourcing stylish threads and toys for my two by scouring the net, magazines and my favourite blogs. KidStyleFile allows me to extend this passion by sharing my finds with you.

Raquel – Team Writer – Joined September 2009

Raquel - Team Writer - Joined September 2009

Hi, I’m Raquel, mum to four devilishly cute kids – Django, Ripley, Farrah and Winnie. I don’t remember a pre-child life – huh?– but in my ‘with child’ life I’ve poured my creative energy into a virtual romance that neatly blends my love of kid’s stuff (yep, I am a mum after all!), eco design and writing.

I’m totally thrilled to be part of the fabulous KSF team, where on the last Friday of each month I’ll be bringing you kids eco picks in ‘The Green Guide’.

Call us KidStyleFile, Kid Style File, KidsStyleFile or Kids Style File with .com or .com.au at the end and you’ll find us – yay!